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Monday, October 5th:
Good Morning Everyone! Boy does it feel nice to see the sun shining!!!!!

Here are the items we should have this week:
- Sweet Corn
- Broccoli
- Red Beets
- Brussel Sprouts
- Bok Choy
- Kale
- Collards
- Swiss Chard
- Leaf Lettuce
- Cucumbers
- Green Zucchini
- Yellow Zucchini
- Yellow Squash
- Mediterranean Squash
- Winter Squash (Spaghetti, Small Wonder, Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, Carnival)
- Hot Peppers
- Bell Peppers
- Eggplant 
- New Potatoes (Red & White)
- Tomatoes
- Heirloom Tomatoes
- Sweet Onions
- Local Apples
Hardy Mums are 3 for $10 for all CSA members! All other fall pumpkins and decorations are 10% off.


Sweet Corn: $3.00 a dozen for 5 dozen or more (please specify white or bicolor)
Cabbage: $12 for 40lb box
Apples: $14.00 half bushel (any in season apple variety)
Yellow Onions: $14 half bushel
 *If you are interested in bulk items please email or text me the item and quantity you would like, and also which day you will be coming...*

Also, Don’t forget that all of our Bakedgoods, Jams and Jellies, Homemade Soups and Salads are 10% for CSA Members during CSA Hours. You are more than welcome to check out the items in the bakery section of our store and bring them over to the CSA for purchase!


Tuesday 1pm – 6pm
Thursday 1pm – 6:30pm

Amy Lebo
Oak Grove farms, Inc. CSA